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Performance is possible only in a fluid body
and a strong mind

Integrate the 4 gestures that any competitive athlete, dancer, singer or artist can integrate into their daily life to invest in their life's heritage : health

Chronic pain, physical dysfunctions,
stagnant performance,
lack of energy ?


I suggest you indulge in a new possibility within the quest to reach the stars.

Want to take care of your body in a
natural and soft way while respecting its rhythm and without side effects?

Discover the benefits of a technique in balance between the body and its essence while respecting its nature.

Behaviors that are repeated, thoughts that block, undefined goals, the impression of stagnig?

With the PerForme method, which brings together NLP techniques in mental preparation and fasciapulsology, I accompany you in your desire to give yourself as much as possible and to feel at the TOP.

By obtaining these 4 determining elements, you will have access to your best state of physical and mental performance.

of the nervous system
Relaxation of muscular
and organic tension
Good circulation of blood
and body fluids
Focus and mental
Ready for the Pool
Gym Workout
Female Training
Training on Gymnastic Rings

A  good management of stress and emotions is essential  to cope with the pressure of training and competitions as well as the distribution of energy adapted to each situation.

Relaxation and tissue rebalancing improve the elasticity and mobility of connective tissues, the fascias, by relaxing muscles and deeper organs and providing lightness of movement.

A smooth circulation contributes to cellular nutrition throughout the body.   The improvement of the circulation of the lymphatic network allows the elimination of toxins with better efficiency.

Good blood circulation in the body  ensures effective oxygenation that particularly benefits the brain by contributing to more pronounced agility and mental fluidity.

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The media talks about it

Brochure "Fasciapulsology and the high-level athlete" issued by the GIF, International Grouping of Fasciapulsology, available for download

Mental Preparation Audio

For a preview of the work we can do together, I'll leave you a mental preparation audio that you can use to begin the path to better performance.  Enjoy this gift for a limited time !!  

My path...

Listening to oneself is an art that can be developed. Through a precise and particular language, our body and our spirit express themselves.


Since my youth, I have always listened to the body in a natural and unconscious way. My years of competitive sport in different disciplines and dance as well as my studies in the visual arts have made me sensitive to a pronounced self-expression. It wasn't until my infant required hospitalization that listening to the body and emotions became alive and conscious. 

My interest in understanding the different signals and resources that each of us uses to express ourselves and communicate our needs has become a personal quest. This enriching experience opened up a new vision of health in all its aspects. Naturally, over time, this vision and this way of life became central to my professional practice. My training in Fasciapulsology and Neurolinguistic Programming has changed my own life path.

Today, in my role as a therapist, my desire is to help others to listen to and understand each other in order to find the path to their overall well-being. 

More natural and benevolent gestures seem essential to me to achieve a synergy between the outside and the inside of each of us.

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details of a fasciapulsology session


A session lasts approximately 1h10.   For a first session the duration is 1h30 in order to discuss the person's medical history .   The sessions are spaced out approximately 3 to 4 weeks apart (shortened period if specific need arises)

The session does not in any way replace an allopathic treatment. 


At my practice in Antony 90€
At the comfort of your home 100€
Package 3 sessions in office 240€


pacemaker carriers

pregnant women under three months

people with untreated high or low blood pressure

people with phlebitis

people taking anticoagulant therapy

Do we connect?

Daniela Nutini - Therapy

8, Place d' Olomouc.  92160 Antony. France  |

Thank you for your interest !!

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