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Let's flourish in our practices 

Espace Flow brings together a group of integrative health professionals in the south of Hauts-de-Seine. We offer varied and complementary solutions for holistic monitoring of the well-being of children and their families.
Our workspaces and cabinets are at your disposal in an innovative and functional universe​.

Upcoming Events

The sharing of skills and the strength of the collective are precious tools for the development of our practices. We  believe that our future is shared and in harmony with nature. The essence of the human being in all its forms... physical, mental and spiritual constitutes the basis of integrative health ._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

We thrive:  therapists, practitioners, caregivers, in our practices, in our space.


Enrich your practice

Find a place to meet and share with other professionals to bring an innovative place to life and promote the benefits of alternative medicine and integrative health.


Benefit from the recommendation  cross

Develop your practice in a friendly, enriching space conducive to cross-recommendation thanks to the presence of other professionals practicing complementary therapies.


Strengthen your visibility

Our active communication, thanks to our website and our communication tools, offers each practitioner great visibility with the public who are interested in our care, our activities and our services.

come join us

The Flow Space offers various services:

Individual cabinets.   Different sizes available with adapted rates and rental packages that match the development of your business.

Salles polyvalentes  conducive to workshops, group classes, conferences and meetings around childhood and integrative health. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_These rooms are available on weekdays and weekends with prices adapted according to time slots and the day of the week.

My path...

Listening to oneself is an art that can be developed. Through a precise and particular language, our body and our spirit express themselves.


Since my youth, I have always listened to the body in a natural and unconscious way. My years of competitive sport in different disciplines as well as my studies in the visual arts have made me sensitive to a pronounced self-expression. It wasn't until my infant required hospitalization that listening to the body and emotions became alive and conscious. 

My interest in understanding the different signals and resources that each living being uses to communicate has become a personal quest. This enriching experience opened up a new vision of health in all its aspects. Naturally, over time, this vision and this way of life became central to my professional practice.

Today, in my role as a therapist in Fasciapulsology , my mission is to help others to listen to themselves internally in order to find the path to their overall well-being. The creation of a multidisciplinary center around integrative health was obvious to me. The Espace Flow is therefore the result of my desire to bring alternative solutions to the challenge of health today.  

A more authentic and committed world seems essential to me in order to achieve synergy between the outside and the inside of each of us.

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Daniela Nutini


Flow Area Director
06 37 18 17 63


Fasciapulsology Certificate

IFCC France

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International Group
of Fasciapulsology

Leave us your email for more details...  we will tell you everything!

Thank you for your interest!

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